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Propane Gas For Homes, Farms & Industry
  Pearsall Propane Services

Patriot Gas is one of the largest locally owned and operated independent propane dealer and specialty store retailers in South Texas, and Pearsall area. Over 40+ years in the propane industry, our knowledge and experience make Patriot Gas the go to company in Pearsall, Texas for all of your residential and business heating needs. With our industry experience and extensive knowledge on each of our product lines, we can find the best solution to fit your home heating or indoor - outdoor home needs. We take the extra steps necessary to make sure we educate our customers in Pearsall, and make sure they are comfortable and understand how things work. Providing the best in personal service and professionalism is our number one goal for all Pearsall residents and commercial businesses. We also service, repair, and install every product we offer in the Pearsall, Texas area.



Pearsall Residential Propane Services

We can help whether you are switching suppliers, own your own tank, building a new home, or switching energy sources.

At Patriot Gas, we have the experience, know how, and the personal touch to make your experience a positive one

Residential Propane Uses Include:

Patio Heaters
Outdoor Kitchens
Outdoor Grills
Clothes Drying
Pool-Spa-Hot Tub Heaters
Back-Up Generators
Space Heaters
Water Heaters

Will Call Service

Courtesy Fill Service

System Security Check

Gas System & Appliance Repair

Referral Program


Pearsall Commercial Propane Services

Contact Patriot Gas to determine your service needs for your business in Pearsall, Texas. We can help tailor the best program available with competitive pricing and unmatched service.

Call Patriot Gas and we can make determining your propane service needs as easy as possible.

Our Service Industires Include:

Hotels & Motels
Commercial Buildings
Oilfield Equipment
Schools & Campuses
Industrial Environments
Goverment Facilities
Military Installations
Retail Outlets
Residential Homes
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Agriculture Industry
And Many More...

Call for complete details regarding Patriot Gas services in the Pearsall area.

Patriot Gas is your only locally owned and operated full service propane marketer.


Tank Sales, Lease & Loan, Commercial & Residential
Custom Gas Piping Systems



We cover all the following cities and zip codes:

  • Atascosa, TX 78002
  • Bandera, TX 78003
  • Carrizo Springs, TX 78834
  • Castroville, TX 78009
  • Charlotte, TX 78011
  • Cotulla, TX 78014,
  • Crystal City, TX 78839
  • Devine, TX 78016
  • Dilley, TX 78017
  • Elmendorf, TX 78112
  • Falls City, TX 78113
  • Floresville, TX 78114
  • Helotes, TX 78023
  • Hondo, TX 78861
  • Jourdanton, TX 78026
  • Karnes City, TX 78118
  • Kenedy, TX 78118



  • Kerrville, TX 78028, 78029
  • La Vernia, TX 78121
  • Lytle, TX 78052
  • Medina, TX 78055
  • Mico, TX 78056
  • Moore, TX 78057
  • Natalia, TX 78059
  • Pipe Creek, TX 78063
  • Pearsall, TX 78061
  • Pleasanton, TX 78064
  • Poteet, TX 78065
  • Poth, TX 78147
  • Rio Medina, TX 78066
  • Rossville, TX 78147
  • Sabinal, TX 78881



  • San Antonio, TX 78201, 78202, 78203, 78204, 78205, 78206, 78207, 78208, 78209, 78210, 78211, 78212, 78213, 78214, 78215, 78216, 78217, 78218, 78219, 78220, 78221, 78222, 78223, 78224, 78225, 78226, 78227, 78228, 78229, 78230, 78231, 78232, 78233, 78234, 78235, 78236, 78237, 78238, 78239, 78240, 78241, 78242, 78243, 78244, 78245, 78246, 78247, 78248, 78249, 78250
  • Schertz, TX 78154
  • Somerset, TX 78069
  • Stockdale, TX 78160
  • Tilden, TX 78072
  • Von Ormy, TX 78073
  • Yancey, TX 78886
  • And Many More...


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Industrial Uses of Propane. Propane is for more than just outdoor grills. Within the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors are many markets in which propane gas is being used. In fact, there are hundreds of uses of propane, as this list shows: Agricultural. Drying Sweet potato dehydrating. Hay dryers. Soybean dryers. Peanut dryers (peanuts in shell). Corn propane dryers. Tobacco propane dryers. Air Heating Dissipating steam vapors Make-up air systems. Space heating Sterilizing with hot air (other than cotton seed sterilizing). Asphalt Melting (including tar, pitch, and similar materials). Under fired tanks for propane kettles. Tanks or kettles fired with immersion tubes. Bread and Pastry propane Baking (including crackers, cookies, cakes, pies, etc.). Peel ovens: direct and indirect brick-set types; portable sheet metal types. Continuous band ovens (including long horizontal traveler types) Rotary hearth propane ovens Traveller ovens (close-coupled type, including small reel types) Vertical reel type ovens Boiler Firing – Fire Tube Boilers. HRT boilers with long or short firebox or settings. Scotch marine boilers Package boilers. Oil fields or locomotive-type boilers. Vertical fire tube boilers – large (usually waste heat) Cast iron sectional boilers Small vertical propane boilers (pressing and cleaners, etc.) Special pilot and safety device arrangements Brick Yard Applications (Brick, sewer tile, etc.). Round down-draft kilns (beehive type). Box type kiln (flower pots, etc.). Continuous kilns (including tunnel and progressive kilns). Dry kilns for brick or tile Car Thawing Other than ore thawing. Ceramic Applications (other than brick yard, glass-house, and vitreous enameling). Pottery propane kilns. Decorative tile propane kilns. Pottery mould drying. Chemical Plant Applications. Reverberatory propane furnaces. Clay Drying in Continuous Ovens and Towers (including mould baking ovens and shell mould ovens). Drawer type core propane ovens. Car and rack type core ovens. Continuous core ovens (vertical type). Shell mould drying propane ovens Cotton Dryers (including cotton seed sterilizers) Pull-through propane heaters Cotton seed sterilizers. Deep Fat Frying (potato chips, etc.) Under-fired deep fat kettles. Deep fat propane kettles fired with immersion tubes, and immersion tubes and recirculation. Die Casting Die casting pots (including goose-neck propane heaters). Moulding pots for die casting Patented die casting machines. Direct Flame Applications Chicken singeing Armature baking ovens (including coils, windings, etc.) Soldering by direct flame Burn-off paint and other combustibles (from conveyer fixtures, scrap metal, etc.) Flame curtain burners for doors of furnaces (usually large) Drying, Baking and Curing (miscellaneous applications) Armature baking ovens (including coils, windings, etc.) Asphalt drying (after coating pipe, roofing paper, etc.) Candy drying (including candy corn) Carbon baking Cement block or cinder block curing rooms Chemical propane dryers or propane dehydrators (including heavy industrial chemicals) Coating drying inside vessels (including brewery vats, tank cars, etc.) Cork products drying Felt products drying (hats, etc.) Gasket curing propane ovens (including brake linings) Line baking on wires or rods Lumber drying kilns Leather drying or curing Melting kilns and malt ovens Pecan dryers Pharmaceutical drying (including fine chemicals) Plastic curing ovens Rubber products curing Salt dryers and evaporators Sludge dehydration (brewery slops, sewage waste, etc.) Drying After Washing (not including dry-off or burn-off ovens in industrial finishing systems) Barrel and drum drying Leather drying Metal parts drying in box-type, conveyor, tumbler, or rotary ovens Rug and carpet drying Laundry propane dryers Egg and Milk propane Dryers Powdered eggs, coffee and milk dryers Floor Mould propane Drying (including ingot moulds) Drying floor moulds with air heaters and direct firing Forging – Brass and Aluminum Continuous furnaces (usually fired with recirculating air heater) Forging—Steel Standard box-type forge furnaces End-heating box-type forge furnaces (including brass drum furnaces, over-and-under fired slot forges and others that have no hearth) Rotary hearth forge propane furnaces High-temperature welding forges (2800 degrees and up) Ingot forges for heating single large ingots Continuous pusher-type or walking beam forge furnaces Drag propane furnaces Small utility forges (including smith’s forges) Rivet forges Galvanizing Galvanizing propane kettles (all types). Glass Bead Fusion Towers Glass House Applications—Melting Day tanks Continuous direct-fired tanks, non-regenerative Deep-eye pot furnaces Standby oil burners on regenerative furnaces (including revolving pots) Continuous direct-fired regenerative Feeders and forehearths (including fiberglass noses) Special reverberatory furnaces Glass House Applications—Lehrs Annealing lehrs Decorating lehrs Plate glass or window glass lehrs Glass House Applications—Miscellaneous Continuous glazing or fire polishing Glory holes Mould preheating propane ovens Glass wool curing ovens (including fiberglass curing) Glass bending Grain Dryers Rice dryers Corn and seed dryers: tower, rotary drum and small portable types Gypsum and Fiber Board Propane Ovens (including gypsum block and roofing) All types of continuous ovens for drying gypsum, fiberboard shingles, etc.) Heat Treating (direct-fired furnaces or ovens not using recirculating fans or special atmospheres) Oven or box type propane furnaces Continuous annealing or normalizing propane furnaces Alloy link-belt or wire-belt conveyor-type furnaces for lighter products Roller-hearth, walking beam, or pusher-type furnaces for heavier products Car-type annealing or normalizing furnaces used in forge plants, foundaries and steel mills, and for malleable annealing, curbizing for cycle annealing, speheroidizing and homogenizing of large parts Lead hardening parts and salt baths (including cyanide) Molten lead, cyanide, or special salts heated in iron, steel, or alloy pots Rapid-heating-before-quenching or miscellaneous steel parts to carburize and/or harden surface of parts after machining Wire patenting Incinerators Crematories Fume and smoke incinerators Ladle Drying and Preserving Foundry ladles (including hand, bull, and mixing ladles, etc.) Large steel mill ladles (including bull and mixing ladles, etc.) Lead Processing Applications Lithograph Ovens—Tinplate Large continuous ovens for lithographing cans, closures, etc. (including coating ovens) Low Temperature Melting (in tanks or kettles not including asphalt melting or varnish propane cooking) Wax melting kettles Grease kettles Candy kettles Rendering vats Metal Melting—Crucible Furnaces Stationary crucible propane furnaces (including pit types) for melting brass, bronze, aluminum, monel, etc. Tilting crucible furnaces for melting brass, bronze, aluminum, monel, etc. Jewelers’ furnace (including assay furnaces) Small crucibles for melting gold and silver Crucible retorts with special hoods for melting highly volatile metals Metal Melting—Iron or Alloy Steel Pots or Kettles (not including diecasting, galvanizing, wire patenting or heat treating or lead hardening) Aluminum melting in pots or kettles Magnesium melting Lead, antimony, tin and zinc melting pots for melting only, not coating Tin pots and lead coating pots Flux tanks Stereotype pots in newspaper offices Metal Melting—Reverberatory Furnaces (including smelting and refining) Tilting open-flame melting furnaces for brass, monel, nickel, etc., and sometimes special iron or steel alloys Box-shaped reverberatory melting propane furnaces for lead, tin, aluminum, die-casting, metal, zinc, etc. Large direct-fired “air furnaces” or open hearths (non-regenerative type) used for making malleable iron, smelting nickel ore, etc. Sweating propane furnaces for separating metals of different melting points Metal Melting—Special Applications Molding ladles and furnaces (not including die casting) Cupola forehearths in iron foundaries Miscellaneous Asphalt cooking still (vertical tube type) Bone charring retort (filter charcoal) Carbon black applications Crematorium for mortuaries High-temperature cement kilns Cupola lighting Gypsum cooking kettles (including calcining kettles) Hog singeing Ice cream cone machines Laboratory hot plates Line heaters (pipeline regulator stations) Piloting large boiler burners Pimento roasting Rock heating for steam bath Rock wool melting furnaces (reverberatory) Roll heating (roofing machinery rolls, paper mill rolls, etc.) Sewage gas disposal Small utility furnaces for miscellaneous heating of small shapes Verticle lime kilns (both slip and stick kilns) Paint Drying—Batch Type Ovens (including japanning, etc., and spring tempering) Paint drying with single-flow and recirculating air heaters Paper Products Drying (not including press applications) Batch-type ovens for paper plates, postage stamps, etc. Continuous propane ovens for blueprint paper, paper toys, etc. Poultry Brooders Chicken, turkey and other commercially raised fowl Burning animal waste with propane Preheating for Forming (1600-2000 degrees F.) Bending, not forging Plate and Angle Heating Furnaces (for shipyards, boiler works, railroad shops, etc.) Plate heating furnaces Angle heating furnaces Printing Press Applications Hot air drying of ink on paper, cellophane, glassine, aluminum foil, etc. Lithograph ovens for paper Burning off printing rolls Rotary Dryers and Calciner (not including rotary drum dryers for metal parts) Rotary sand, gravel, or crushed stone dryers Rotary calcining kilns or dryers (not including cement kilns) used for drying kaolin, fuller’s earth, bauxite, kyanite, etc. Rotary haydite propane kilns (lightweight aggregates) High temperature applications (above 220 degrees F.) Steel Mill Heating Furnaces Continuous pusher-type Heating steel for rolling mills Soaking pits Billet or slab heating furnaces (including rail heating furnaces) Rod heating furnaces Smoke Houses—Meat Processing Direct-flame smoke house applications used for igniting saw-dust as well as curing meat Air heater smoke house applications Soap Drying Soap towers (large volume drying of soap flakes or powder) Batch-type soap drying ovens Solution Heating for Industrial Washing or Cleaning (using internally-fired immersion tubes) Spray washers and industrial washing machines Caustic, cleaning, or rinse heating in steel tanks (dip tanks) Acid solution heating Water quench tanks with immersion tubes (including all applications in which work enters solution at higher temperature than solution) Solution heating in tanks for circulation through work for cleaning, etc. (other than spray nozzles) Special Steel Mill Applications Soaking pits Slow-cooling propane pits and propane furnaces. Sheet mill roll heating Ore thawing Sintering beds Ore roasting (not thawing) Test Kilns and Fusion Furnaces High temperature test furnace. Textile Applications Tenter frames (including tenter dryers) Tumbler propane dryer (chenille) Slashers Carbonizers Singeing cloth Impregnating and coating propane ovens Loop dryers (including festoon dryers) Calendar roll drying Varnish Kettles Standard varnish kettles Special large process units. Vitreous Enameling propane Applications. Batch-type vitreous. Car-type vitreous enameling propane furnaces. Frit smelting propane furnaces. Frit drying Dry-off propane oven for vitreous enameling.