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Propane Gas For Homes, Farms & Industry
  Why Use Propane?

Did you know:

Propane water heaters cost 30% less to operate than electric ones. Tank less water heaters cost 60% less to operate than electric ones. Not only that, Propane water heaters can deliver twice as much hot water as electric - in the same amount of time. A propane furnace consistently supplies air at a comfortable 120F. Electric heat pumps dispense air at 95F, which is less than body temperature (98.6F), so the air feels cool, not warm.

According to Appliance magazine, propane gas furnaces last an average of 20 years, while electric heat pumps last an average of 14 years. It also costs less to repair a propane gas furnace than an electric heat pump.

Propane vs. Electricity

Economical, safe, clean-burning propane gas is the smart, convenient choice for your home, business, or farm. Propane gas is a much more economical energy source than electricity for heating homes and buildings, heating rooms, and work spaces, cooking, heating hot water, drying clothes, and much more. In fact, depending on the appliance, you could save from 20% to 60% in energy costs by switching from electricity to propane gas.

Advantages of Propane

On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity.

Emergency Power
During a power outage or curtailment you are in control of your energy source. With propane you will have heat, hot water and hot food.

Lower Heating Costs
Propane gas fireplaces cost 30 to 60 per cent less per hour of operation than do wood burning fireplaces and eliminate worries about remaining hot embers.

Warm, Comfortable Heat
A propane heating system supplies warm air at a comfortable 120°F, compared to electric heat pumps that dispense cool air at 95°F.

Fuel Efficiency
With propane you get more hot water from your water heater because it recovers 2½ times as fast as an electric one and costs about 30 per cent less to operate. It's a fact: You can reheat a whole tankful of water in just 20 minutes with propane, compared to an hour with electricity!

Always Available
Convenient and portable, propane is an energy source that can be located virtually anywhere, from the country to the city.

Earth Friendly
Propane is insoluble in water so it presents minimal risk to soil or ground water supplies.

Environmentally Responsible
Propane creates far less pollution than the power plants supplying you with electricity, so you help protect the environment by providing cleaner, more breathable air.

Excellent Value
Gas appliances pay for themselves faster over time when you apply the money you save on energy.

Smart Investment
Propane gas furnaces last an average of 20 years while electric heat pumps last an average of 14 years. It costs less to repair a propane gas furnace than an electric heat pump.


You can use propane gas for heating homes, rooms and work spaces; cooking, clothes drying; hot water heating; fireplace logs.


Propane is great for heating buildings, offices and work spaces; restaurant cooking, industrial applications


For heating work spaces and livestock buildings, grain drying, tobacco curing, and poultry heating

Discover for yourself why Patriot Gas propane gas is the safe, economical, and dependable choice for your energy needs.

Home Builders:

As a homebuilder, you have a tough task. All of your customers want you to build them the home of their dreams. That means, in addition to designing an imaginative and practical floor plan, you must choose an energy source that is efficient and comfortable. It also must add to the value and attractiveness of the home, and be a friend to the environment.

Propane offers everything today's homebuyers want. It heats the home to a consistent warmth; dries laundry more efficiently; cooks food quickly to exact temperatures; puts a cozy fire in the fireplace; heats the water for a relaxing bubble bath; and fuels the backyard barbecue - and it does it all at a lower cost than electricity. What's more, propane is always in steady supply.

A Home That Saves Money and Ensures Comfort
Propane offers homebuyers countless money-saving features, including:

On a nationwide average, propane costs less than electricity on a per-BTU basis. According to a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) study, electricity is more than twice as costly as propane.
A propane gas furnace saves around $300 annually compared to an electric one (DOE).
Propane water heaters save up to $150 annually over electric and heat 2 1/2 times the water with the same amount of energy (DOE).
The operating costs of propane furnaces are less than electric models in most cases.
Electric heat pumps must often be supplemented with electric strip heat, resulting in higher costs and lower efficiency.
Homes fueled with propane can have a better resale value and, on average, cost less to run than homes with all-electric appliances.
Propane gas furnaces can consistently supply air at 120F - a comfort level unmatched by electric options such as heat pumps.
New combo-heat systems save your customers energy and money by heating the air and water with one unit. With fewer pipes and less sheet metal, the new units look better and free up more living space.

Patriot Gas is your only locally owned and operated full service propane marketer.


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